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GigaDXF is an application that can import a DXF from another software package (such as AutoCAD or BiesseWorks etc) and generate the list file required for use with EzyNest / EnRoute Auto ToolPath feature.

Using GigaDXF to create this List file also generates Labelling information, per part to allow generic CAD files to have labels producing for detail and tracking of parts in a production environment.

You can also add in your own columns in GigaDXF, such as ‘Job Number’ that can be in turn be used on the label of each part when processed.

Speed up your production by importing and batching all your files together and automatically toolpathing to improve your production capabilities.

If you have an Auto labelling CNC Machine and want to produce parts from a CAD program, you will require GigaDXF to generate the required list files and labelling information.


  • Simple to use, easy to learn
  • Fastest training ramp up in the industry
  • Import Layered DXF Files from CAD

  • Produce Labelling¬† information for Tracking

  • Run AutoLabelling CNC with CAD files

  • Speed up Production with Batching

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